Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises


on August 27, 2015


INFRARED TRANSMITTER 2.3,2.8 / 3.3,3.8 The WIR TX75 C/D PRO Infrared transmitter ensures participants in your conference room, courtroom, classroom or other mid-sized venue receive direct, clear communication of your message without sacrificing security. The sleek and stylish TX75 C/D PRO is designed to maximize coverage area - now up to 12,000 square feet* in single-channel mode when using the RX22-4 receiver. Two slaves (WIR TX75 S) can be added for additional coverage up to 12,000 square feet each (36,000 sq. ft. total), when mounted up to 100 feet from the master transmitter. Placing additional slaves in the same room increases coverage and enhances freedom of movement. A single CAT-5 cable carries both power and signal to slaves–truly a one-cable connection. Mounting bracket and power supply are included. Note: This system is ordered as the WIR TX75 C (2.3,2.8 MHz) or the WIR TX75 D(3.3,3.8 MHz).  "PRO" refers to this new series with Phoenix Contact® connectors and improved range.  PRO is not part of the model number. *Operating range varies based on receiver used.  See emitter specifications for coverage area by receiver type.

system includes

(1) WIR TX75 C Infrared Transmitter operating on 2.3/2.8 MHz or (1) WIR TX-75 D Infrared Transmitter operating on 3.3/3.8 MHz and (1) BKT 024 wall / ceiling mounting bracket (1) TFP 046 power supply (1) WLC 004 main power cord (U.S.)