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Say Hello to Our Stunning New Neat Bar Generation 2

on April 18, 2024 | Marketing Team

Drum roll, please! Neat is super-excited to announce our slimmer, more powerful, next-generation Neat Bar for unparalleled, beautifully simple video meetings in small to medium-sized rooms.

Since its inception in 2019, Neat Bar has proven to be a game-changer in the video communications industry. It’s helped us deliver leading-edge video devices to over 13,000 customers worldwide, including many Fortune 500 companies. Neat Bar marked a new era of simplicity, quality, and design in video devices, an achievement we’re proud to expand on with the release of the newly refined Neat Bar.

Neat Bar Generation 2 is not just our first second-generation device; it’s a leap forward in power and simplicity. It delivers extraordinary audio and video quality for native Zoom or Microsoft Teams meetings in an all-new, elegant, streamlined design. Building on our unwavering commitment to providing simple yet powerful, clutter-free video devices, it equips you with enhanced, easy-to-use, cutting-edge capabilities that continue to elevate it above all other bar solutions. “The power of simple,” you bet!

Neat Bar Generation 2 is ideal for small to medium-sized meeting spaces. It provides unparalleled meeting experiences while beautifully blending in with most interior styles.

Here are some of the unique, pioneering qualities of Neat Bar Generation 2, which is certified for Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Exceptional video quality

The wide-angle, highly dynamic 50MP camera will capture your entire meeting space and can zoom in on, frame, and follow multiple people simultaneously. Lightning-fast video processing ensures everyone is seen in the same proportion, regardless of the camera angle. It also supports dynamic shifting between group and focused participant views.

Exceptional audio quality

A 5-microphone end-fire array, four voice localization tracking mics, and advanced audio processing algorithms for voice enhancement, echo cancellation, deep noise suppression and dereverberation enable you to hear people’s voices clearly and understandably. You’ll get the perfect balance between reducing unwanted noise and preserving spatial cues and intelligible speech, resulting in more fluid conversations without interruption. Neat Bar Generation 2 also features a voice-optimized sound system. Dual speakers with opposing drivers cancel out vibration, maximize tonal range, and deliver minimal distortion so that you hear people’s voices as naturally as possible.

Enhanced AI for exceptional meetings

Enhanced machine learning algorithms continuously adjust and adapt to a room’s acoustics, noises, and lighting conditions, as well as the number of people in the room, where they are, and what’s happening around them. An integrated second-generation platform also drives hardware-accelerated audio and video processing directly on the device, not in the cloud.

Refined look and feel

Carefully designed technology components enable a slender profile that suitably fits thin screens. These components include a well-crafted arrangement of microphones, speakers, a camera, sensors, a power supply, and processing. You can place the device on a table, above or below one or two monitors, or wall-mounted and slide effortlessly into our original Neat Bar mounts. Neat Bar Generation 2 comes with our dynamic touch-screen meeting controller Neat Pad.

Neat Bar Generation 2 has carefully designed technology components packed into a slender profile and comes with our sleek and elegant touchscreen controller Neat Pad.

Our original Neat Bar is at a new lower price and still packs a punch in your huddle spaces

On a budget? Fear not. Our original Neat Bar is still available and provides all the essentials for superb video collaboration with exceptional audio and video capabilities in a simple yet elegant design that’s just as ideal for huddle rooms and small to medium-sized spaces. Now, at a reduced price of $2,490, the Neat Bar everyone’s come to know and love still packs a punch!

Neat’s second-generation product, Neat Bar Generation 2, continues the company’s focus on designing high-quality, easy-to-use, and easy-to-install video devices. It’s also great to see the first-generation Neat Bar at a reduced price. With less than 15% of all small/huddle spaces video-enabled today, the potential to drive better collaboration experiences is immense. Neat Bar offers a full range of features, making it a powerful choice for huddle spaces.Roopam Jain, Vice President of Research, Information and Communications Technology at Frost & Sullivan

Upgrade to Neat Bar Generation 2 with our new trade-in program

Finally, we’ve launched our first-ever trade-in program to support anyone who wants to upgrade their current bars from Neat or other device providers for Neat Bar Generation 2. Upgrade to Neat Bar Generation 2.

Discover more about Neat Bar Generation 2, which is available now for Microsoft Teams and Zoom through our esteemed channel partners or on neat.no. Exceeding that, book a demo and see it in action, or join us in our New at Neat: Neat Bar Generation 2 and Neat Center webinar on May 2nd.

As always, Neat continuously aims to be bar and beyond better!

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