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Bar/Resturant Background Music

The simple BGM system is meant to be a plug and play solution for any type of venue that requires Background Music to liven up and create ambiance in the room. The design includes a basic yet comprehensive solution that allows the user to setup and play any music he or she wishes. The system also allows for paging announcements, this functionality pauses the music when an announcement is made through the microphone.


A playlist ready solution for Bars with Atmosphere that can be designed to your preferred genre from happy hour music to late night groove music. This design is worry free as the music continuously plays the way you want to build the ambience, it may be a good volume with nice music while talking or livelier to have a smooth night. Available input for iPad for special parties with their desired playlist via iTunes. Microphone also installed for announcement as per celebration or any public information. Speaker system can be designed through software editor to make sure that speaker volumes are properly distributed.


Designed for Bars with Live Music Performers. Either DJ or Live band, the system is capable of inter-change between two performers. With industry standard PA mixer, DJ Mixer & Microphones for user a friendly functionality to Sound Engineers. Combined with great sounding speakers it would be a perfect night for clients and your performers.


Retail Outlet

Retail Shops AV solution paging system designed for small areas. The system integration works for public announcement or internal staff paging. The amplifier is also equipped to have multiple inputs setting for background music while customers are shopping.


This setup is for bigger retail store's application. The Multi Zone system is capable of doing announcements in certain areas of the shop. It is very useful for the shop to page their staff in any department so they can assist customer's for any inquiries. Inputs are supplied for background music of your desired playback source.


Sports And Fitness

Perfect Portable Fitness Studio solution for aerobics or zumba classes. The speaker is designed to move from one place to another. It is also having a wireless headset microphone for instructors. Bluetooth wireless device is provided to work with speaker and pair easily to any IOS devices, it enables them to play their preferred music while having a workout.


A very simple, straightforward set up for Fitness Studio. The active speaker provided a wireless mixing capability and wireless audio playback by pairing easily to any of the devices. The speaker is supplied with Mackie Connect IOS application so you can control the volume of any inputs attached to the mixer. The ARC technology is also a great feature from the speakers that fixes the angle of the sound to have a better coverage on the area. Wireless microphone connects to the bodypack and helps the fitness instructor to speak clearly without worries.


Fixed installation solution for a Fitness Studio. It is basically taking care of all your needs, for music playback or microphones used for aerobics or bodybuilding sessions. The multi media player can set a playlist and will continuously play according to your operation time. The speaker installed is built to last with a superb sound quality. All control settings will be done in an iPad and you can may manipulate the volume of each channels via application.


A great solution for Gymnasium install with high quality active speakers fixed on the wall specifically distributing sound to the concerned areas. It will surely give an energetic feel to your workout routine. Multimedia player or iPad is attached to the mixer for continuous music playback and can use a playlist of your desired genre. Adding up a wireless microphone for fitness instructors to do special group bodybuilding or aerobics sessions.


Gymnasium portable system is designed for fitness rooms that has aerobics, zumba dance or bodybuilding sessions. This system is designed for the speakers to be transferable in any of the rooms while your mixer is wirelessly controlling the settings via iPad. The microphone receiver and multimedia player will be installed in a certain area, on this way you may bring only the ipad with the wireless microphone to any areas.


The design is equipped with a high standard products and ready for a much larger sports related events. Digital mixer is supplied to be connected over a stage box 100 meters far from control room with just one CAT5 cable. Wireless microphones is connected to the stage box feeding the digital mixer without a delay. Multimedia player also included for continuous playback from a selected playlist. The speakers is active with an adjustable array for great coverage.


Live Band Setup

Designed for duo or trio Live Band Set Up catering to small parties like Birthdays, Weddings or a Company Anniversary. The system is also a great solution for rental companies that provides smaller services as it is easy to setup and will be more cost effective operation. The equipment is easy to install/tear down so you won’t require a longer time for setup. Also focused on speakers with Dsp and would be simple to plug to mixers input/output.


Designed for large band setup with professional digital audio solution. This setup has provided a Digital Mixer for a better/faster operation with large amount of input and outputs. The Mixer has sophisticated features like motorized fader, led screen, digital effects for advanced work flow. Digital snake is also provided to keep at stage and run a single cable to FOH. This way you will not need to have a lot cables to run a snake cable. Wireless microphone is also digital to provide crystal clear vocal range. A full set of Drum mic was provided to have better sound results on the instruments. Speakers are active with dsp and it is very simple to connect using XLR.


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