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A playlist ready solution for Bars with Atmosphere that can be designed to your preferred genre from happy hour music to late night groove music. This design is worry free as the music continuously plays the way you want to build the ambience, it may be a good volume with nice music while talking or livelier to have a smooth night. Available input for iPad for special parties with their desired playlist via iTunes. Microphone also installed for announcement as per celebration or any public information. Speaker system can be designed through software editor to make sure that speaker volumes are properly distributed.

The system configured has three main sources which are an Apple iPad for streaming music, the Roland AR-300 multi media player and the Shure 522 paging microphone. These three sources are connected using a BOSE PS-604 amplifier which links the inputs of the sources and amplifies the sounds out of the BOSE DS40SE speakers. The speakers are designed for background music and speech reproduction, installed to walls of the specific areas.

Brand Model Short Description Qty.
Shure Shure 522 Paging Base Station Microphone 1
Bose Powershare PS604 Adaptable Power Amplifier 1
Bose FreeSpace® DS 40E Versatile, high-performance, full-range, surface-mount loudspeaker 10
Apple iPad Internet Radio 1
Roland AR 3000SD New advances in sound quality and features, with expanded compatibility. 1

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