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The design is equipped with a high standard products and ready for a much larger sports related events. Digital mixer is supplied to be connected over a stage box 100 meters far from control room with just one CAT5 cable. Wireless microphones is connected to the stage box feeding the digital mixer without a delay. Multimedia player also included for continuous playback from a selected playlist. The speakers is active with an adjustable array for great coverage.

The system configured Roland M300i digital mixer and Roland S1608 stage box as main source of input for Denon DN300z and Shure Microphones, Outputs to BOSE F1 Flexible Array Speakers. This solution will be divided in two installations, one control room for the mixer with multimedia player and another area where the event occurs for the stagebox and wireless receivers will be connected. It would need CAT5 cable to run from Digital Mixer to Stage Box.

Brand Model Short Description Qty.
DENON DN300ZCD/Media Player with Bluetooth/USB/SD/Aux and AM/FM Tuner 1
ROLAND M300iDigital Mixer 1
ROLAND S160816 x 8 Channel Stage Box 2
SHURE SLX24/58Industry Standard Wireless Microphone 2
SHURE SLX14/SM31Wireless Headset 2
BOSE F1 TOPHigh Quality Active Speaker 2
BOSE F1 SUBHigh Quality Active Speaker 2

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