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The simple BGM system is meant to be a plug and play solution for any type of venue that requires Background Music to liven up and create ambiance in the room. The design includes a basic yet comprehensive solution that allows the user to setup and play any music he or she wishes. The system also allows for paging announcements, this functionality pauses the music when an announcement is made through the microphone.

The system configured has three main sources which are an Apple iPad for streaming music, the Denon DN300Z multimedia player and the Shure 522 paging microphone. These three sources are connected using a BOSE IZA-190 amplifier which links the inputs of the sources and amplifies the sounds out of the BOSE DS16F ceiling speakers. The ceiling speakers can be flushed into the false ceiling or hung in an open environment with a pendant kit (Put Pendant kit SKU).

Brand Model Short Description Qty.
Shure Shure 522 Paging Base Station Microphone 1
Bose FreeSpace® IZA 190-HZ IZA 190-HZ Integrated Zone Amplifier 1
Bose FreeSpace® DS 16F Entry-level, full-range, flush-mount loudspeaker 4
Apple iPad Internet Radio 1
Denon DN-300Z CD/Media Player with Bluetooth/USB/SD/Aux and AM/FM Tuner 1

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