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NMK Electronics - MONITORS


Arthur Holm leads the market with its expansive array of motorized monitors tailored for seamless integration into furniture. Boasting over 30 patents, Arthur Holm delivers a diverse selection of vertically retractable and foldable monitors, distinguished by their innovative technology seamlessly blending into furniture designs. Whether inwall, on-wall, built into furniture, or mounted on a foot stand, Arthur Holm's Rise and Drop monitors come in various sizes and finishes, including aluminum, stainless steel, or glass.

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Arthur Holm offers a comprehensive range of solutions, including motorized cameras, microphone solutions, speakers, video distribution, cable-cubby systems, and control accessories. The Microphone Solutions feature retractable lifts for gooseneck and boundary microphones, while the Motorized Speakers seamlessly integrate into furniture for enhanced audio quality. Additionally, the Cable-cubby systems provide customizable connectivity solutions for streamlined integration.

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NMK Electronics - SOLUTIONS


At Arthur Holm, the products are entirely customizable to suit individual customer preferences. For instance, our UnderCover solution seamlessly conceals motorized monitors within tables, ensuring a sleek surface. The DynamicX2Talk Share, with its Full HD signal distribution and retractable microphone, is available in a striking bronze finish. Additionally, the DynamicX2Talk can be customized with features like a channel selector, tailored to specific conference system needs.

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