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NMK Electronics - Axient Digital


For professional productions that demand flawless execution, Axient Digital® offers unprecedented signal stability and audio clarity, plus flexible hardware options, advanced connectivity, and comprehensive control.

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Digital wireless system offers a mix of 24-bit digital audio quality and scalability to meet the demands of installed applications. Features include Wireless Workbench 6, optimized frequency scanning, and AES 256 encryption for security.

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NMK Electronics - ULX-D
NMK Electronics - PSM 900 - NMK

PSM 900

With patented Audio Reference Companding, exceptional transmitter linearity, and patented CueMode functionality, the Shure PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System meets the needs of professional audio applications of all kinds, providing excellent audio quality and reliable RF performance.

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Digital wireless system combines robust wireless performance with easy set-up and digital audio quality.

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NMK Electronics - QLX-D - NMK
NMK Electronics - KSM Microphones - NMK


KSM microphones deliver world-class mastery of sound reproduction from exquisite electro-acoustical design and technology. Crafted from premium components, each KSM microphone is designed to capture and control the detailed sonic nuance of critical studio performance, while withstanding the punishment of the most accomplished and demanding live sound reinforcement.

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PSM 1000

The PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System consists of a networkable, dual channel transmitter and two diversity bodypack receivers for an unprecedented combination of audio and RF performance.

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NMK Electronics - PSM 1000 - NMK
NMK Electronics - BRH Series - NMK


Designed to meet the needs of broadcast and media production professionals, the BRH Headsets provide exceptional audio quality, comfort and legendary Shure durability with user-replaceable accessories for a lifetime of use.

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Shure shotgun microphones feature state-of-the-art preamplifiers and outstanding off-axis rejection to bring out all the environmental details. Shure broadcast microphones deliver superior voice reproduction for any production setting, from field production and electronic newsgathering (ENG) to professional broadcast studio applications.

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NMK Electronics - VP Series - NMK
NMK Electronics - SLX-D - NMK


Wireless system offers easy set-up and high audio quality for virtually any application. Features include Automatic Frequency Selection, Automatic Transmitter Set-Up, Predictive Diversity technology, and removable antennas with rack hardware.

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