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Shure vocal microphones are the industry standard. For either live vocal performances on stage or recording voice in the studio, Shure mics offer legendary sound quality and reliability.

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Whether you need an instrument microphone for recording in the studio or for on stage, Shure will have a microphone to suit your needs and budget. Use this site to help you find the best instrument microphone for anything from piano and guitar, to percussion, strings or drums.

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NMK Electronics - Headphones - NMK


Hear what you’ve been missing. As the high-performance headphone of choice for the pros, we’re now beloved by audiophiles, DJs and commuters alike. All because we stayed focused on the sound. Take a listen.

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Shure microphones can be found in studios the world over. For premium studio microphones look no further than the KSM range, which were designed with the studio in mind. The latest models in the KSM range are the KSM313 and KSM353 which are the first ribbon microphones from Shure. Elsewhere, see classic microphones such as the SM57 instrument microphone and the SM58 vocal microphone which can both be used on stage or in the studio.

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NMK Electronics - Stage Monitoring - NMK


During live performances it is very important that every band member can hear themselves to know if they are playing well. Stage monitoring can be influenced by bad acoustics on stage and by the other musicians. Clearly hearing themselves gives musicians confidence to perform at their best. Shure In-Ear Monitoring Systems are failsafe and ensure clearest sound through Sound Isolating earphones.

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