Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

XS-80H Remote

on September 6, 2015


Application for remotely controlling the Roland Multi-Format Matrix Switchers. The XS-80H Remote app provides wireless mobile control of basic functions for the Roland XS-82H/83H/84H multi-format switchers.

  • You can control
    • switching video inputs • switching audio inputs • volume levels • changing presets and more
  • You can customize the following settings with easy operation
    • change names of switches, tabs, and presets • change icons, • background still images and more. * The customized settings can be protected with admin password
  • Requirements:
    The XS-80H series you are connecting to must be running at the latest version (Version 1.0 or later). The iPad uses its Wi-Fi connection to control the XS-80H series via a wireless USB adapter (Roland WNA1100-RL or ONKYO UWF-1) or wireless router (wireless LAN router).
  • Notes:
    Only a single iPad can be connected at one time. For the settings on the XS-82H/83H/84H, please refer to the XS-82H/XS-83H/XS-84H Reference Manual.