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on August 27, 2015 | Marketing Team

The powerful WIR TX90 transmitter combines modulator and emitter technology into a single operating unit, which reduces operating costs, eliminates the need for rack space and eases set-up.  The WIR TX90 features application pre-set controls for music, voice or hearing assistance applications – no guesswork required for audio configuration.  Everything you need for installation is in the box.
Available options:
WIR TX90-01 - Euro power supply
WIR TX90-02 - UK power supply
WIR TX90-04 - Australia power supply
WIR TX90-01 WHT - Euro power supply, white emitter
WIR TX90-02 WHT - UK power supply, white emitter
WIR TX90-04 WHT - Australia power supply, white emitter

system includes

(1) WIR TX90 transmitter (1) TFP 010 power supply (1) WCA 079 50’ power cable (1) BKT 024 wall/ceiling mount (1) IDP 008 ADA wall plaque

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