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on September 12, 2015 | Marketing Team

The Laptop SoundPortTM (Model LSP-3) is a passive direct box with a variety of input jacks that can serve as an "extension cord" for a crowded mixer console. Jacks include 1/8- and 1/4-inch stereo jacks than can accept input from headlphones or the headphone output of a computer. Each are doubled for loop-through monitoring. In addition, right and left RCA jacks can accept line-level inputs from a DVD/CD player as well as right and left mono 1/4-inch jacks that can accept line-level inputs typically from music instruments. All jacks are on top to facilitate easy cable management. The balanced-line mic-out XRL jack is duplicated so that the heavy XLR cable can lie flat on the table surface. Ground-lift and channel selector switches (L, R, L+R) as well as volume control. The unusual shape facilitates stability when multiple cables are connected. 5" dia x 1.7" height. Weight: 10 oz  

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