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SMAART V9 Certification (3 Days Session)

Agenda & modules

Smaart Fundamental’s Training - Day 1:

1. Introduction to Smaart.

2. Audio Fundamentals (Wavelength, Frequency, Period).

3. Single Channel Measurements.

4. I/O Configurations.

5. RTA, Spectrograph, and their applications.

6. FFT: Fast Fourier Transform.

7. Making Sense of Phase: Part 1.

8. Comb Filtering.

9. Introduction to Transfer Function.

Smaart Fundamental’s Training - Day 2:

1. Making Sense of Phase: Part 2.

2. Magnitude, Phase, Impulse Response, Delay Tracking.

3. Transfer Function Config & Applications

4. All about SPL.

5. Microphone Correction Curves.

6. Advanced Transfer Function Applications.

7. Mains to Sub alignment.

Subwoofer Configurations & Advanced Applications - Day 3:

1. Understanding Subwoofer behavior.

2. Subwoofers in a Line.

3. Subwoofers in a Line: Delayed Arc.

4. Cardioid Subwoofers.

5. End Fired Subwoofers.

6. Advanced Applications: System Tuning & Alignment.

7. Discussion.


Package Package 1 Package 2 Package 3

3 days class Included Included Included


License Not included Smaart RT New License Smaart Suite New License

Sum AED 3000 5700 7000

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