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Shure releases next version of MOTIV mobile recording app

on September 1, 2016 | Marketing Team

A new version of the ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App, designed for use with Shure’s MOTIV Digital Condenser Microphones, is now available for download.

Version 2.0 of the iOS App offers a suite of new features, including an editing tool, improved user interface, and fluid sound metering for a more accurate experience. Additionally, the new version offers access to a playback window, enabling users to review, assess, or simply listen to a recording of their choice.

“We understand that the ability to edit and play back a recording is paramount to achieving an optimal, high-quality audio file; with the upgraded navigation pane, users can now navigate through the App with ease,” said Thomas Banks, senior product management specialist at Shure. “The extended capabilities of the 2.0 version — notably the ability to trim, spilt, and fade recordings — brings more value to the overall MOTIV experience, and encourages our team to continually seek out ways to improve its functionality.”

To further enhance the App’s current capabilities, version 2.0 touts an easy-to-use editing tool. The editor gives users the ability to trim and split tracks, incorporate user-defined fades, and place markers on the timeline of a recording to create points in time to return to, playback from, or to define split points.

The company also introduces a “flattened” interface with fewer menu selections and pull-down options so users can move through the app more quickly and efficiently, as well as improved metering that delivers a more fluid transient response for an optimised viewing experience. Additionally, the App’s playback window creates an enhanced listening environment for critical review of a recording or casual listening.

The original ShurePlus MOTIV Mobile Recording App was designed for use with all MOTIV products, offering 24-bit/48 WAV recording for all MOTIV microphones and enabling users to make real-time adjustments to selectable DSP preset modes for gain, equalisation, and compression. It is also a convenient tool on its own for enhanced recording and now, editing.

Version 2.0 of ShurePlus MOTIV is now available for download in the Apple App Store.

Source: http://www.audiomediainternational.com

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