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RAD27 – USB Audio Interface

on August 30, 2015 | Marketing Team

A RAD27 provides stereo USB Audio in and out of a single computer. Perfectly suited for presentation, meeting and class rooms, simultaneous playback and recording is supported. Since the RAD27 uses native operating system drivers, no driver installation is required on either Windows® or Apple OS X®. Plug in the USB cable, select the RAD27 for sound playback and/or recording and go. To maintain backward compatibility with legacy operating systems, all RAD27 USB audio is 16-bit, while the RAD converters and all HAL and Mongoose audio maintains 24-bit resolution. The sample rate is always 48 kHz. Input/Play and Output/Record signal present and overload indicators provide handy “is the computer sending USB audio?” troubleshooting assistance at the wall plate. A dedicated blue Connected indicator illuminates when the computer OS recognizes the RAD27 as a sound card. When used with any HAL, the Connected indicator is readable and programmable in the Halogen software. This permits actions in your HAL system once the USB Audio cable is plugged in, such as lowering a screen and turning on the projector via Ethernet control commands or contact closures. The RAD27 ships with a robust USB cable and a screw-down cable tie. When mounting the RAD27 out of sight from the computer location, securing the USB Audio cable helps deter presenters from stealing the USB cable after each RAD27 use.

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