Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises


on September 27, 2015


V3R-FX-INTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM 1RU interfaces from Optocore provide 4 and 8 port fiber respectively or CAT5 “SANE”  ring connectivity allowing intercom to travel over the Optocore Audio network.  These units also provide solutions for fiber muxing remote panels and interfaces to and from the Eclipse matrix.  As part of a greater Optocore audio network they can also feed and receive program and IFB audio around the ring.  The Optocore units also provide a redundant LAN for IP panels and/or PC Management from anywhere on the ring. OPTOCORE FOR REAL-TIME SIGNAL ROUTING The V3R-FX-INTERCOM FOR CLEARCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM FOR CLEAR-COM devices provide high bandwidth routing capabilities for each intercom port, at a rate of 2Gbit/s of data for up to 1024 audio/intercom input channels and various types of analog or digital audio interfaces.  IP-based Clear-Com systems can be tunneled through Optocore with the use of LAN ports of each device. OPTOCORE AS A MATRIX AND FIBER BACKBONE Optocore can work as a digital audio router and fiber backbone for the Clear-Com system, offering both dual fiber ring redundancy and CAT5 based SANE audio network. OPTOCORE INTEGRATES CLEAR-COM SYSTEMS The Optocore interfaces can fully integrate Clear-Com matrix intercom systems to Optocore. It is possible to output each single intercom channel at every Optocore interface, and use the analog 4-wire, AES/EBU or MADI output devices to distribute the communication. The X6R-FX-INTERCOM is equipped with eight intercom I/O’s and the V3RFX-INTERCOM with four. It is possible to run the intercom communication over an Optocore system and send an analog output or console mix-minus to an intercom IFB using for example the DD2FR-FX MADI interface.

Key Features and Benefits

Purpose-Designed for Professional Productions: High signal integrity and guaranteed quality of service (QoS). • Very Low Latency: Optocore's unique synchronous design delivers a fixed latency at 41.6 μs from any point in the network to any other point, regardless of the number of nodes on the network. Therefore these interfaces do not add any significant latency to the Matrix to IP panel link. • High Reliability: Fiber and CAT5 ring redundancy together with automatic Word Clock negotiation and dual power supplies provide a reliable and future proof solution. • High Bandwidth: 2Gbit/s data rate supports 1024 input channels on Optocore Fiber; 64 channels in SANE network; 32 bit audio transport. • Clear-Com Compatible for Ease of Use: Built-in Clear-Com compatible connections using standard CAT5 cables. Compatible with Eclipse E-MADI64 cards. • Easy to Operate: Extensive software control and monitoring capabilities makes it easy to supervise the entire network, change settings, display levels, and log events. • High Scalability: Simply add devices for new functionality or a higher channel count as production needs grow.


V3R-FX-INTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM are based on the market-proven Optocore™ and SANE™ (Synchronous Audio Network plus Ethernet) technology platforms. The Optocore dual, redundant fiber-ring-based network can transport up to 1024 channels of 48 kHz sampled digital audio, or can be reallocated to route data and video signals simultaneously with multi-directional audio. The SANE platform is based on CAT5 cabling, which carries up to 64 channels of very low latency digital audio and 100Mbit Ethernet. By using a ring topology, SANE is fault tolerant like the Optocore fiber-based solution and supports up to 24 interface nodes. Optocore and SANE together enables the V3R-FXINTERCOM and X6R-FX-INTERCOM devices to deliver a highly reliable, flexible and cost effective solution for broadcast and live performance productions. The devices seamlessly integrate intelligent intercom systems—for a production of any size and across any number of locations—with the other analog or digital audio, data and/or video signals over common fully redundant fiber and CAT5 cables.