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NMK And Ampetronic Team Up In GCC

on September 8, 2020 | Marketing Team

MIDDLE EAST: NMK Electronics has become the new GCC distributor for Ampetronic induction loop systems. With Williams AV recently becoming the US distributor for Ampetronic, and Williams AV already enjoying an existing relationship with NMK, this has opened the door for NMK to bring Ampetronic hearing loop technology into its portfolio.

NMK has great expectations for the new relationship, as hearing loop solutions are gradually becoming more and more prolific throughout the region. “We’ve been watching Ampetronic actively engaged in growing their business in the market and in the region for more than 10 years now and were delighted to hear of the collaboration with Williams AV, it’s a perfect fit for the these two companies,” commented NMK business development manager Dino Drimakis. “For us at NMK, it grows our portfolio in the induction loop market, where we are actually seeing a lot of potential for growth. An increasing number of consultants are becoming aware of the importance of assistive listening solutions in the region, and as international venues and projects start to materialise, we’re seeing a big uptake.”

NMK expects the majority of this uptake to come from the healthcare and medical industry but sees great potential in nearly every installed vertical market. “Any public area typically needs an induction loop facility, and the requirements for them are consistently increasingly,” added Drimakis. “We’ll be getting our presales team to work on more in-house designs with regards to loop induction simulations, and in general continuously promote and develop the brand. The nice thing about the brand itself is that it already has a very strong presence because of their highly active approach to the market. We’re super excited about partnering with Ampetronic because we’ve enjoyed really great synergy right from the first conversation.”

“By servicing the GCC market directly for the last 10 years, we recognise the value that a strong local partner provides. Having competed against NMK previously, we are confident that they will be able to offer unrivalled support for our segment with the combined, world leading, portfolios from Ampetronic and Williams AV. We look forward to working with NMK to develop the growing assistive listening market in the region.  

We would like to thank all of our existing integration customers and look forward to continuing our workwith them through NMK", Sam Burkinshaw - Head of Business Development - Ampetronic.

About Ampetronic

Founded in 1987, Ampetronic are innovators in the full range of induction loop and hearing loop systems and technologies. As passionate advocates for technology solutions which improve lives of those with hearing loss, Ampetronic design, manufacture, and promote loop systems, around the world. Key technologies and services include current drive and phase shift arrays, networkable loop drivers, Loopworks Design hearing loop system tool, Measure tool and app along with the World’s largest system support team. For more information, visit our websites.

How hearing loops work: 

Find out more about how hearing loops work. Hearing loops can be installed in a variety of environments. Larger venues such as theatres, conference facilities and houses of worship. Smaller, one-on-one communication settings can benefit too, such as at ticket counters and in meeting rooms. Hearing loops can also be installed in taxis, trains, buses, and trams. 


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