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  • MXA901: A Sleeker Take On Tech for Ceiling Audio - News

MXA901: A Sleeker Take On Tech for Ceiling Audio

on February 7, 2024 | Marketing Team

What’s New:

  • Discreet 13.5-inch (34 cm) round form factor complements any interior design
  • Single-Zone Automatic Coverage™ technology covers a 20 by 20 foot area with no setup required
  • Versatile options for on-ceiling, in-ceiling, pole, rod, or suspension mounting

Ceiling array microphones have become the go-to solution for meeting rooms of all sizes and types.  But office designs continue to become more architecturally complex, with ceilings that range from unadorned structural elements to creative works of art.  This can make it challenging to choose a ceiling array microphone that complements the interior design of the room and is compatible with the mounting limitations of the ceiling.

A Sleeker Take On Tech

The MXA901 ceiling array microphone provides superb AV conferencing audio in a compact and stylish 13.5-inch (34 cm) round form factor.  It provides a discreet approach to AV conferencing audio that complements any interior design without drawing attention.  A choice of white, black, or aluminum finishes gracefully fit into your color scheme.

Cover Everyone

The MXA901 features Single Zone Automatic Coverage technology that requires no setup and captures every talker in a 20 by 20-foot area (6 by 6 m) out of the box.  One MXA901 can easily cover the seating area in small or medium-sized rooms, while multiple MXA901’s can be used to cover larger spaces.

The MXA901 automatically deploys audio coverage where talkers are located.  There’s no need to manually configure coverage pattern width or position.

Cancel the Clutter

Onboard IntelliMix DSP includes echo cancellation and noise reduction to eliminate annoying distractions.  Automatic gain control adjusts talker levels so that everyone is heard clearly no matter where they sit.  Built-in compression and equalization make it easy to fine-tune the audio to suit user needs or acoustic characteristics.  The built-in automatic mixer delivers a pristine audio mix to your favorite videoconferencing software.

MXA901 has IntelliMix DSP

Supports Network Security

The MXA901 is part of the Microflex Ecosystem, which employs a multi-faceted approach to AV device security that embraces industry-standard technologies and workflows that span the entire ecosystem – not just a few selected products.

This includes support for standards-based 802.1x security protocols to manage network access, secure boot/storage of firmware and sensitive data, control of network protocols and functions, and robust AES-256 audio encryption between Microflex Ecosystem devices.

Fits the Space

The MXA901 is compatible with a variety of on-ceiling, in-ceiling, and suspended mounting options to suit different ceiling types.  A mounting bracket is included to mount the MXA901 directly to a drywall or hard ceiling, while the A901-R-HCM Hard Ceiling Mount accessory enables flush mounting.  The A901-R-GM Gripple Suspension Mount Kit allows the MXA901 to be suspended using wire rope.

MXA901 with A901-R-GM

The A901-R-PM Pole Mount Kit comes in variations that fit a threaded rod or NPT pole.  Finally, the A901-R-TB Tile Bridge places the MXA901 securely in a conventional grid ceiling.

MXA901 with A901-R-PM

Part of the Microflex Ecosystem

The MXA901 offers full compatibility with other components in the Microflex Ecosystem.  This enables a wide range of bespoke configurations to meet the needs of every client.  Options include ceiling, wall, and table microphones, interfaces, hardware and software DSP, loudspeakers, and networked mute buttons.  All are easily configured using Designer system configuration software.

Ready to take your meeting room audio to the next level?  Talk to a Shure product expert now.

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