Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

Mongoose Network Audio Router

on August 30, 2015


Mongoose can replace the analog mic and line level portions of an audio system with digitized audio over shielded CAT 5e cable.

The Mongoose and its Tracker software work with Rane’s Remotes Audio Devices (RADs) and yourCobraNet network to deliver digital audio to the “last mile” of installations – between the equipment room/rack and remote spaces. OK, it’s not a mile, it’s actually 150 meters (492 feet to those in Liberia, Myanmar and the USA).

Mongoose can be used with CobraNet as a 32 x 32 router, and without Cobranet as a 16 x 16 router.

The Mongoose’s 32-by-32 digital audio matrix router receives its first 16 audio channels from up to eight RADs via the eight rear panel 8P8C (RJ-45) Remote Audio Device ports. The second 16 matrix input channels can come from two eight-channel CobraNet receive (Rx) Bundles via standard CobraNet Primary and Secondary/backup ports. The 32 matrix router outputs transmit 16 channels to eight RADs and 16 more channels to two CobraNet transmit (Tx) Bundles. A family of RAD models connect to the Mongoose. Each converts analog audio to or from 24-bit, 48 kHz digital audio. Shielded CAT 5e cable and termination transport four digital audio channels – two channels in each direction – as well as power, ground and a communications channel via Rane’s proprietary RAD Network. Status indicators are at the RAD signal entry points, at the front and back of the Mongoose, and in Mongoose Tracker software. SVCInAVation Awards This product has not been tested to the current CE requirements and is not available in markets requiring CE compliance.