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  • ME-1MB Media Size Microphone Input Module – Black (DCM-1 / DCM-1e) - News

ME-1MB Media Size Microphone Input Module – Black (DCM-1 / DCM-1e)

on August 25, 2015 | Marketing Team

The ME-1M Media Size (50 x 100mm) Microphone Input Module provides a single balanced microphone input for the Cloud DCM1 and DCM1e Digital Control Zone Mixer. The ME-1M is available in Black or White finish and is used to provide a local microphone input in a zone offering adjustable microphone level and adjustable EQ. The ME-1M connects to one of four dedicated ME-1 RJ45 input ports on a Cloud DCM1/DCM1e via a single screened Cat-5 cable. Up to four ME-1M Microphone Input Modules can be daisy chained together per input port on a Cloud DCM1/DCM1e. Trade Suppliers of Fixing Boxes, Face Plates and Mounts for Clouds Media Remotes:http://www.scolmore.com/products/newmedia/http://www.cef.co.uk/catalogue/categories/modular-systems-easy-clip-modular

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