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L-ISA Live Mixing & L-ISA Preproduction

Course Fee: AED 1,900 *Lunch Included

Prerequisites: System & Workflow course & L-ISA Technology

In this course, the participant learns to create a spatial mix for a live event, either from audio objects or from an original stereo mix.
Learning Objectives
Understand and experience the L-ISA spatial parameters
Understand and experience the differences between traditional left right systems and L-ISA
Experience the support of visiting engineers on an L-ISA installation

Day 1
Object-based mixing - spatial parameters - 3 hours
Demo - Pop or classical mixing
Mixing recommendations
Demo – L-ISA vs. mono stereo dual-mono
L-ISA mixing environment setup

Mixing practice - 3 hours
Tutorial - Building a spatial balance
Tutorial - Visiting engineer support
Playback and exchange

Object-based mixing – snapshots - 1 hour
Demo – Pop or classical mix
Working with snapshots

Day 2 – L-ISA Preproduction
Object-based Mixing - Spatial Parameters - 2 hours
Scaling demo
From studio to large scale
Headphone vs. loudspeaker monitoring demo

Object-based mixing – dynamic features 1 - 1 hour
Third party controls & control logic
L-ISA remote control setup (MIDI, plugin)

Mixing practice - 3 hours
Scaling tutorial
Dynamic features tutorial
Playback and exchange

Object-based mixing – dynamic features 2 - 1 hour
Immersive production demo
Which controls for what usage?

Earned Benefits
Upon completion, the participant is granted with a Certificate, a 1-year Educational discount on L-Isa Studio (1 individual license) in the L-Acoustics eStore, and 1-year account activation/extension on the online L-Acoustics Education platform.
In the platform, the membership to the L-ISA Live Mixing group opens access to:
Always up-to-date L-ISA Live Mixing material in the Learning center
Forum gathering all the L-ISA Live Mixing certified learners and instructors

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