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L-Acoustics System & Workflow

Course Fee: AED 650*Lunch Included


This course introduces the users to the L-Acoustics system approach and project workflow, giving an overview of all L-Acoustics tools and all professional roles involved. That is the prerequisite for all other product training courses.

Learning objectives
Understand the L-Acoustics system approach of live sound reproduction
Know the components of an L-Acoustics system
Understand the workflow steps of a loudspeaker system project and the associated professional roles
Know the L-Acoustics tools to use along the project workflow

System approach - 2 hours
Sound system
L-Acoustics system
Loudspeaker system
Drive system
Rigging system
L-ISA system

Project workflow - 1.5 hour

Small-scale system - 1.5 hour
Soundvision & LA network manager basics
Plug-and-play setup

Medium-scale system - 1.5 hour
Theatre system design tutorial
M1 measurement and tuning demonstration

Large-scale system - 1 hour
L-ISA touring project
Advanced tools presentation

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