Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

GM 6628

on August 20, 2015


  • Shotgun Gooseneck Microphone

    Shotgun gooseneck microphone with light.

    Product Details

    The GM 6628 is a wide-range condenser shotgun gooseneck microphone with red light ring designed to fit into the DIS DCS 6000 Digital Conference System product portfolio. The shotgun microphone is suited in applications where the microphone needs to have a very strong forward directional response to pick up and amplify relatively weak sounds coming from a certain direction. The small-diameter gooseneck design permits highly flexible positioning while maintaining a smooth, well-contoured appearance. The microphone comes with a foam wind-screen to reduce wind noise and 'popping'. The GM 6628 is designed for clear, highly intelligible sound reinforcement, professional recording and teleconferencing. It features a RF shield that protects the microphone from RF interference. Works with DDS 5900 and DCS 6000 Systems.


    • Wide-range miniature condenser shotgun microphone with 90º pickup angle
    • Small-diameter microphone capsule
    • Red light ring
    • High-quality sound reinforcement
    • RF Resistant
    • XLR Connector
    • Foam wind screen