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on September 12, 2015 | Marketing Team

1Local ActuatorsActivate lights on connected units Green (Next) Yellow (Screen blank) Red (Back)
2LIGHTControl brightness. Hi. Lo. Off.
3SOUNDControl speaker volume: Hi. Lo. Off. Selected sound cue is still delivered through headphone jack when speaker is off..
4SELECTUnique sound cues for Next, Back, Screen blank.Check l lA brief local alertCommand ll l...Intrusive promptAnnounce ll... ll...Melodic note group
5AUTO COMMANDEngage or disengage USB connection to either or both computers without rebooting. Remotely control presentation software.
6YELLOW LIGHTCorresponds to screen blank. Light stays on until any key is pressed.

1CHANNELSet for multi-unit proximate use. 16 channels available. Match channel on cue light and actuator.
2RJ45 JackFor cue light interconnections with Cat 5 cable
3XLR JackFor cue light interconnections using microphone (XLR) cable.
4Sound Volume ControlAdjusts volume of cue light sound to 3.5 mm side jack (No 6) and to 4-pin side XLR jack for belt-pack intercom headset. (Note: Does not affect volume of communications to the headset.)
6Output 3.5 mm Headset Jack Stereo jack outputs programmable sounds that correspond to Forward, Back and Screen Blank commands.
6Output XLR Headset Jack Output to beltpack intercom headset with cue light sounds combined with unchanged intercom communications.
7Slave-Master SwitchWhen two or more cue lights are connected by wire (Cat-5 or XLR cable, set one cue light as "Master" and the other(s) as "Slave." Only the Master cue light receives the trnasmitter's signal.
8USB PORTSFor direct computer connection. Cue light sends commands “Right Arrow,” “Left Arrow” and “B” via keyboard emulation, thus preserving mouse functionality.Note: These keystrokes are programmable. See Cue Light Programmer to download programmer application.
9Power JackUse DSan-supplied 12V power supply (center pin +).
10MONITOR AUDIO INPUTAccepts stereo 3.5 mm phono plug. Allows operator to monitor stage presentation. Cue light sounds may be combined with this input
11HEADPHONE OUTPUTOperates independently of onboard speaker. Combines cue sounds with audio input with matched volume.

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