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EXP7x AEC Expander

on August 30, 2015 | Marketing Team

he Rane EXP7x Expander for the HAL1x provides eight channels of full-featured, drag and drop Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC). Each channel of AEC can be added to any HAL1x system input and route to any Halogen DSP block, including the gain-sharing automixer, manual mixer, regular Room Combine block, or Conference Room Combine block. Chain up to 32 EXP7x units to a HAL1x for 256 assignable AEC channels. Because EXP7x AEC channels are not associated with a particular hardware input, preset recall can re-assign an AEC resource across inputs / rooms as required. Drag and drop AEC supports the typical one-AEC-per-microphone configuration. With optimum acoustics, mic and loudspeaker placement, or with rarely used mics (such as audience mics) it allows mixing more than one mic into a single AEC channel, significantly reducing cost.

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