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on September 27, 2015 | Marketing Team

The E-Que card is an Eclipse frame card, capable of being used as a wireless cell controller card (known as FreeSpeak Integra) and E1 and T1 digital audio trunks.  The E-Que card slots directly into an Eclipse-Median or Eclipse-Omega, providing a seamless connection for digital wireless communication and high capacity links between matrix frames. Key Benefits of E-Que:

  • E-Que provides FreeSpeak Integra radio connectivity for 40 FS-BP or CEL-BP digital wireless beltpacks. This means that panels can call beltpacks with the same signalling LEDs and labels making it all more intuitive.
  • Up to 40 users per E-Que card (depending on the environment)
  • Up to 4 E-Que cards can be used in one matrix (expanding up to 40 antennas per system offering many cells for wide area roaming.)
  • Up to 200 pre-set roles can be defined in the ECS management system
  • Full duplex 7kHz ”commentator” bandwidth for high-clarity communications
  • The E-Que Front & Rear Card set has up to 8 directly attached Antennas or 10 antennas via 2 locally powered splitters.
  • E-Que Digital trunks provide Eclipse to Eclipse linking between sites, cities or countries over high density standard digital telecomm lines.
  • E-Que cards can be simply switched between CellCom/FreeSpeak and digital trunking as configuration option inside the ECS software.
  • The E-Que card’s E1 trunking can be connected to the E1 connection of a 4000 series Hi-Que card to link an Eclipse matrix to a Drake 4000 matrix.

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