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DWS INT 3 300

on August 26, 2015 | Marketing Team

The DWS INT 3 300 is a completely portable, wireless, single-speaker (floor), single-language interpretation system. Ideal when security, sound quality and flexibility are critical. Designed for small- to medium-size venues such as presentation-style conferences, meetings or worship services where up to 20 audience members need language interpretation in one or two languages. Additional DLT 300's can be purchased separately to accommodate additional interpreters. Additional DLR 360's can be purchased separately to accommodate additional listeners.DWS INT 3 300 can be set two different ways:

  1. One DLT 300 transceiver can be used as a body-worn transmitter to provide direct audio feed from speaker to interpreter. Interpreter then uses second DLT 300 to both listen to the speaker and transmit their simultaneous interpretation to the audience on a separate channel. Audience can also tune in to this channel for hearing assistance.
  2. Alternatively, interpreters can listen to the PA system or speaker directly and use both DLT 300's in the system for interpretation. If set up on the same channel, interpreters can work together by spelling each other, interpreting into the same language for long jobs. If set up on different channels, interpreters can provide interpretation into two languages.

system includes

(2) DLT 300 transceivers* (20) DLR 360 receivers**
(20) BAT 010-2 AAA alkaline batteries
(2) MIC 044 2P headset microphones (20) EAR 022 surround earphones (2) CCS 044 silicone skins (1) CHG 102 Digi-Wave 2-bay charger (1) CCS 042 DW system carry case
*Each DLT 300 is packaged with an individual charger.
**Rechargeable batteries optional for DLR 360 receivers (BAT 022-2) - sold separately.

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