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DWS COM 6 300

on August 29, 2015 | Marketing Team

DIGI-WAVE WIRELESS INTERCOM SYSTEM Simultaneous, two-way, wireless intercom system in the 2.4 GHz band. Works well in an event-production scenario where the director and other crew members can immediately and accurately communicate from different production locations. One- and/or two-way simultaneous communication with other crew members: director and assistant director can speak simultaneously; members can hear both the director and assistant director; members can participate as listen-only or can access 2-way mode with the push of a button. Director is always in control.

system includes

(6) DLT 300 transceivers* (6) MIC 044 2P headset microphones
(1) CCS 030 DW heavy-duty system carry case (1) CCS 044 GR silicone skin (5) CCS 044 BK silicone skins
*Each DLT 300 is packaged with an individual charger.

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