Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

Concert Server

on September 27, 2015


The Clear-Com Concert Server is a 1RU Linux-based server that is the central voice engine behind the IP-based Concert intercom and conferencing solution. It acts as the central intelligent voice router for calls, conferences and 4-wires, both local and remote. The Concert Server comes equipped with an AudioScience ASI5640 audio card and an XLR dongle cable. The ASI5640 is an audio interface card that offers 8 duplex ports of balanced analog audio. An optional RJ-45 cable can be purchased to connect to 4-wire audio sources or destinations. The Server comes pre-loaded with license key, user configuration, conferences and channels. Concert Server Features:

  • Multiple Interface Gateway server support
  • AudioScience ASI5640 audio interface card (up to 2 cards per server)
  • Supports up to 120 simultaneous channel connections
  • Channel Licensing
  • Upgrade to CentOS 6
  • Database management through CMI
  • Built-in audio hardware check utility
  • Firewall enabled installation