Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

Concert for Newsroom

on September 26, 2015


  Concert for Newsroom is an integrated communications and collaboration solution for ENPS newsroom members such as producers, editors and journalists to initiate user-to-user calls, group conferencing and instant text chats directly from the ENPS application.

Main Features

One Click to Instantly Connect No need to waste time by looking up contact information for individuals. The integration of Concert into ENPS facilitaes instant point-and-click communication between colleagues. Immediately See Who is Available to Talk No more busy signals or need to leave voice mail messages. You can see the availability of any ENPS user who is available for a call or message. Easily identifiable icons to make communication that much easier. Simultaneous Call or Chat Sessions On the phone with your editor, and suddenly have a quick question for a producer. Send a text message or initiate a simultaneous call to a new user while a conversation is already in session. With Concert you can initiate another call without disconnecting your current session. Or instead, just send a quick chat. Conference Call With Multiple Users Need to have conference call with your producer, editor and several other reporters who work out of different locations in several countries? With Concert, as long as the users have an Internet connection, a Conference can be initiated within minutes or even seconds. Direct Interruptible Audio Feeds From the Newsroom or Other Users You can receive continuous Program Feeds from your newsroom that can be interrupted by any important communication from the news director or producer speaking over intercom. In addition, journalists can momentarily deactivate the interruptible feature by enabling their OnAir mode, which cancel any interruption on the program feed while on that mode. Dedicated Conferences Within ENPS Stories Working on a story within ENPS Stories and need to have a conference with either the editor, scripter and/or director. With Concert, any person working on the story can simply double-click on the dedicated conference link in a particular Story area and be connected with each other.