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AM 6040

on August 19, 2015 | Marketing Team

Ambient Microphone Unit

Used to connect an ambient mic (sold separately) to pick up background sound in the conference room.

Product Details

The AM 6040 Ambient Microphone Unit is used to connect an ambient microphone (sold separately) to pick up background sound in the conference room. This optional device can be used as a back-up source for interpreters or for teleconferencing links when no microphones are switched on. The compact unit is typically mounted under the table, inside a floor box or in the ceiling. The AM 6040 loops into the DCS-LAN daisy chain. Works with the DCS 6000 System only.


  • Ambient microphone unit for providing the sound of the room when there are no active microphones
  • Automatic activation when all microphones are off
  • Automatic deactivation when one or more microphones are on
  • Use with DIS microphones
  • Support for one ambient microphone unit per system

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