Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises

Abacus Rentals Invest in Roland Audio Solution

on June 13, 2012


Roland Professional distributors in the region, Nicolas Kyvernitis Electronics Enterprises have recently supplied Abacus Rentals based in Dubai with a complete Roland Professional Audio system solution. The solution includes the M-400 audio mixing console, the digital snake modules – S1608, S0816, S0808 and other components. The modular and scalable solution allows the theme park to meet various event needs depending on their size and location in the theme park.

Roland Professional Audio is continuing to evolve digital audio and live audio mixing. The V-Mixing System is fully digital using Roland's REAC (Roland Ethernet Audio Communication) technology to transfer audio from the high quality mic pre-amps on stage to the mixing console. V-Mixing System is the next generation in live audio mixing technology.

“With the solution in place, they now can provide a stand alone digital snake solution which can be used with any analog or digital console,” commented Moswain Antao, Roland Product Specialist. He added, “however, together with the M-380 they now also have a digital snake that can communicate directly with the digital snake components to provide complete routing flexibility.”