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  • A Day of Unity and Inspiration: AVIXA Women’s Council celebrates International Women’s Day - News

A Day of Unity and Inspiration: AVIXA Women’s Council celebrates International Women’s Day

on March 19, 2024 | Marketing Team

In celebration of International Women's Day, AVIXA Women’s Council in GCC, convened an unforgettable gathering at the NMK Electronics Experience Center on March 8, supported by Bose Professional, Shure & Q-SYS.

The event was a beacon of inspiration, drawing in 60 dynamic women from across the tech industry for a day filled with networking, empowerment, and wellness activities.

The meticulously planned event offered a rich tapestry of activities designed to inspire, energize, and connect. Attendees engaged in meaningful networking sessions, creating new professional connections and strengthening existing ones. The day also included a series of wellness activities, such as meditation and breathing exercises, culminating in a Zen Warrior session that left participants invigorated and focused.

The highlight of the event was a keynote panel discussion covering a wide array of topics relevant to women in the tech industry. This panel provided invaluable insights and fostered a dialogue on the challenges and opportunities facing women in tech today.

Local volunteers Minal Paapalkar and Maleeha Riaz, representing AVIXA Women’s Council played pivotal roles in orchestrating this successful event. Their dedication and expertise were instrumental in creating an environment that celebrated and empowered women in the tech industry.

Expressing immense satisfaction with the outcome of the event and the positive feedback received from participants. TS Gopalakrishnan, Regional Director, India & GCC, AVIXA, said, "We are thrilled with the response to our International Women's Day event and are committed to supporting more activities around this theme. It's essential to support and uplift women in the tech industry, and we look forward to fostering an even stronger community through future events.”

This event not only celebrated the achievements and potential of women in the tech industry but also underscored the importance of community, wellness, and professional growth.

AVIXA Women’s Council and supporting organizations Bose Professional, Shure, and Q-SYS, remains dedicated to creating opportunities for women to connect, learn, and thrive in the tech industry.


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