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Brand: Clear-Com
System Integrator: LSI
Tech Support & Supply: NMK Electronics
Client: Dubai Opera House

Dubai Opera House, located in the middle of Downtown Dubai which is also known as ‘the most prestigious square kilometer in the world’ personifies spectacular architecture along with a stylish touch of Dubai maritime history. The building’s exquisite design enables it to transform into three modes; from a theatre into a concert hall, and into a ‘flat floor’ mode becoming a banquet or event hall keeping the venue busy at all times. A typical day at Dubai Opera house might see a rehearsal during the day, with that set moved out and replaced for another event that evening. Opera houses in general have complex communication requirements as compare to typical theatres that require limited communication channels, this is where Clear-Com comes into play with their wide variety of flexible communication solutions. Evident choice for combating such a challenge was Clear-Com’s FreeSpeak II wireless system because of its flexibility with its antenna locations. HelixNet along with FreeSpeak II are compatible and extremely easy to use without interference challenges.

LSI was chosen as the integrator for the project considering their hands-on experience in solving client’s communication challenges.

With the support of clear-com communication devices distributed by NMK Electronics Ent., Dubai Opera house carries out its communication seamlessly throughout from technicians to stage managers and show production team.

View Clear-Com at: www.nmkelectronics.com/clear-com

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