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ShowMatch gets global debut in Dubai

on November 22, 2016


Dubai’s Hard Rock Café has become the first venue in the world to be installed with a Bose ShowMatch DeltaQ array loudspeaker system. The solution comprises six per side left-right hangs of the ShowMatch arrays with four ground stacked SMS118 subwoofers for low end and RoomMatch Utility 208 loudspeakers providing under-balcony fills.

"We like to refer to DeltaQ as the next-generation array technology," said Fuat Koro, Director of Global Sales and Marketing for Bose Professional. "We’ve seen line array performance improve over the course of two decades, but there were still unmet customer needs. DeltaQ represents the latest evolution in array design to meet those needs."

"First, there was an opportunity to significantly improve vocal clarity," he continued. "To achieve that goal, we had to come up with a two-way system and invent a new compression driver that kept the cross-over point outside the vocal clarity range. Second, portability and flexibility were opposing attributes in traditional line arrays. DeltaQ refers to being able to vary or change, “Delta”, the directivity, “Q”, of the boxes, both horizontally and vertically. This proprietary approach enables the creation of a custom array shape to meet the needs of the venue. ShowMatch modules have three different variants for the vertical coverage angles – 5-degrees, 10-degrees, and 20-degrees – and there are three different options for the horizontal patterns which are field-changeable. So if you want to change the horizontal coverage angles in the field, you are able to do so and you can even outfit modules for asymmetric patterns – ShowMatch is truly a unique offering in the industry."

The solution at Dubai’s Hard Rock draws on some of the technological advantages within the newly launched cabinets. "The under-balcony fills at the Hard Rock Café use the same proprietary compression driver that we have in the ShowMatch array," explained Mr Koro. "You have the exact same tonal characteristics. It’s not designed differently so it sounds much more cohesive."

The Hard Rock’s two Bose ShowMatch six-module arrays are configured from a T-bar frame and suspended from a single pickup point off the stage truss on both sides of the stage. The first four modules of each array are the SM5 type with 55-degree baffles for the top two and 70-degree baffles for the next pair. The 100-degree and 120-degree baffles were used for the bottom SM10 and SM20 modules respectively. A set of four Bose SMS118 subwoofers also were installed on both sides of the stage below the arrays. The subwoofers were installed in a quad format to achieve what the manufacturer describes as ‘optimum low frequency enhancement for the system’.

The overall SPL levels obtained with the arrays reportedly reaches approximately 105dBA with a frequency response between 30Hz and 14kHz. The ShowMatch arrays are powered by Bose PowerMatch PM8500 amplifiers and all audio is routed through using Dante audio networking from a Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 central processor. The extended part of the installation consists of Bose RoomMatch Utility RMU208 and RMU108 speakers in the bar and lounge areas.

With the first installation complete, the manufacturer is keen to use Dubai’s Hard Rock Café as a showcase for what the solution can deliver.

Resource: ProAudio MEA