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P9HW Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor
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Shure - P9HW Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor

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Item #: P9HW
Categories: In Ear wireless Systems , Wireless Microphones
Brand: Shure

Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor. P9HW is ideal for drummers and keyboard players who want the audio clarity and reduced feedback of in-ear monitors but dont need wireless mobility.

The P9HW is a wired, two-channel stereo personal monitor with individual mix controls. Listen to one or two channels of audio from the mixing console through earphones using MixMode technology to customize the mono blend. Stereo mode allows left / right balance adjustment for two mixes. Use the volume limiter to set the maximum volume adjustment range.

Rugged, all-metal construction
LCD screen with menu-based navigation
Easy to adjust volume knob and mix control
4-Band parametric EQ
Switchable line (+4 dBu) and aux (-10 dBV) input level
Power and battery status LED
5-Segment battery life meter
Power-save mode and automatic power-off preserves battery life

Note: When purchasing separate wireless components, please match their frequency bands to ensure proper system operation.

P9HW Wired Bodypack Personal Monitor from Shure is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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