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Shure - P3TERA M16

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Item #: P3TERA-M16
Categories: In Ear wireless Systems , Wireless Microphones
Brand: Shure

The PSM 300 Stereo In-Ear Monitoring System provides wireless stereo monitoring with a new, more detailed 24-bit audio processing and safe radio transmission. The system includes: P3T radio transmitter, P3R Stereo pocket receiver.

The patented Audio Reference Companding ensures clear sound, a clean signal without artifacts and reliable radio transmission with up to 90 m range with no dropouts. Scan and Sync on the bodypack to scan the radio environment and to transfer the free channel to the system via infrared allow. help The volume setting that MixMode technology or the stereo mode, to create a personal monitor mix of two audio signals.

The system comes inclusive of P3RA Premium bodypack with solid metal construction, advanced audio features and optional Rechargeability thanks to Shure SB900 Lithium-ion batteries (sold separately).

The system also includes the P3TRA215CL SE215CL Sound Isolating Earphones with detail-rich sound, resonant bass and noise isolation of up to 37dB.
PSM 300 Stereo In-Ear Monitoring System Simultaneously transmits two audio signals to the artist. 24-bit audio processing provides a clear, highly detailed audio signal. Patented Audio Reference. Companding close for a sound on cable. Up to 90 dB signal-to-noise ratio. Exceptionally wide stereo separation. Stable signal transmission over 90 m adjustable personal monitor mix by MixMode technology or the stereo mode, directly on the beltpack. About Scan and Sync the radio environment is scanned and transmitted a clear frequency via infrared from receiver to transmitter. Half 19-inch. TV channels including accessories for rack installation. P3R bodypack system. SE112 Sound Isolating Earphones (only in stereo in-ear monitoring system (P3TR112GR) included) P3RA Stereo bodypack. Robust metal construction. Highly visible LCD menu with intuitive navigation. Adjustable EQ ?? High and low boost. Volume limiter limits the maximum gain level for the volume control

P3TERA M16 from Shure is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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