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GLXD2 B58 Z2
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Shure - GLXD2 B58 Z2

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Item #: GLXD2/B58=-Z2
Categories: Wireless Microphone Systems , Wireless Microphones
Brand: Shure

The BETA 58A with GLX2 handheld transmitter is the dynamic vocal microphone precision-engineered for professional sound reinforcement.


Automatically links with GLX-D wireless receivers for seamless frequency changing and any necessary gain adjustment
Integrated microphone capsule design
Sophisticated design with durable, lightweight construction
Operating range of 20-30 m under typical conditions
Two-color transmitter status indicator LED
The Digital Wireless Transmitter provides Shure Digital Power Management with multiple charging solutions such as car-, wall- or USB-chargers (GLXD4: In-receiver charger)
Custom lithium ion batteries provide up to 16 hours of continuous transmitter use.
Connect for a 15-minute quick charge and count on up to 1.5 hours of performance.
Charge battery alone:
GLXD4 integrated charge port
SB902 GLX-D Lithium-ion battery (available separately)
Charge a spare battery while system is in use:
SBC902 USB battery dock charger (available separately)
Charge battery in-transmitter:
USB charge cable (included)
SBC10-USB USB wall charger (available separately)
SBC-CAR USB car charger (available separately)

GLXD2 B58 Z2 from Shure is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

  • Frequency Response:50 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Frequency Response:50 Hz to 16 kHz
  • Maximum Input Level:147 dB SPL
  • Power Requirement:3.7 V Rechargeable Li-Ion
  • Battery Life:Up to 16 hours
  • Type:Dynamic (Moving Coil)

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