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DR 6032 Receiver
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Shure - DR 6032 Receiver

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Item #: DR 6032
Categories: IR Translation , Confrence systems
Brand: Shure

The DR 60xx Digital Infrared Receivers are used in the DCS 6000 Digital Infrared Wireless Audio Distribution System. The system allows participants to listen on headphones to the conference in a variety of languages. Audio is transmitted wirelessly to the receiver, where each individual can select the channel and adjust the volume to the headphones. The system is useful in a variety of installations, such as multi-purpose halls, hotels, or conference centers. DR 60xx Digital Infrared Receivers are designed for maximum audio and battery performance.

DR 6032 Receiver from Shure is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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