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Radial - rackmountable DI with six of Radial's JDI boxes

The Radial JD6 is a rackmountable DI with six of Radial's JDI boxes, considered by many to be the world's finest direct box, in one unit. The JD6 provides six channels of passive DI that employs a custom-made Eclipse isolation transformer for optimum audio performance offering outstanding linearity at all frequencies, combined with extraordinary level handling without introducing distortion. Being completely passive, the plug & play JD6 does not require any power and has the unique advantage of eliminating 60-cycle ground loops. This ensures the JD6 will become a definite favorite with informed audio engineers. The JD6 is great for guitars, bass, and keyboards and is particularly adept with high-output, broadband instruments such as active instruments and digital keyboards. rackmountable DI with six of Radials JDI boxes from Radial is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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  • Product Specifications
    Title Value
    TypePassive DI
    Inputs8 x 1/4", 4 x RCA
    Outputs6 x XLR, 8 x 1/4" thru

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