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Primacoustic - NIMBUS CLOUD BLACK (2pcs per pack)

The Nimbus Ceiling Cloud from Primacoustic is a 2" thick, 24 x 48" acoustical device that suspends above the recording console to control early reflections, flutter echo and help eliminate standing waves that cause resonant peaks in the critical mix position. Once in place, the panel will immediately provide a more controlled and intimate acoustic environment, larger sweet spot and reduced ear fatigue. The acoustic panel is constructed from high density 6 lb per ft3 fiberglass with resin treated edges to retain the minute fibers. The fiberglass is encapsulated in micromesh, and the panel is further covered in an acoustically transparent fabric to provide an attractive appearance. The included suspension hardware consists of 4 panel anchors, 4 ceiling anchors and a generous amount of tie wire. The panel absorbs sound energy by converting it to heat. Sound energy penetrates the panel causing the minute glass fibers to vibrate and generate heat. This thermo-dynamic energy transfer effectively absorbs directional sound energy and prevents it from reflecting into the mix position. By itself, the panel is 100% effective for frequencies between 400Hz and 20kHz. To help control a broader frequency spectrum, the Nimbus may be angled to vary the air space between the Nimbus and the ceiling. This allows the backing surface to also absorb reflections off the ceiling. Attractive fabric wrapped high-density fiberglass panel that is suspended over the console or listening position For controlling early reflections and flutter echo Helps eliminate standing waves Eliminates floor to ceiling reflections Easy to assemble suspension hardware Z840122500 NIMBUS CLOUD BLACK 2pcs per pack from Primacoustic is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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  • Product Specifications
    Title Value
    Core Material Formed, semi-rigid inorganic glass fibers
    Facing Acoustically transparent polyester or paintable glass wool tissue micromesh sealed with latex paint
    BackingSealed with acoustically transparent micromesh
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