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Neutrik - NBTB75CFI4

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Item #: NBTB75CFI4
Categories: Video Connectors , Video
Brand: Neutrik

Neutrik's BNC tiny cable jack is based on the rearTWIST principe and is suitable for thin coaxial cables. The cable jacks endue the reliable bayonet locking which can be turned form the back so that there is less engaging torque. This guarantees easy access even in high density applications. The tiny cable jack is the perfect solution for extensions and Y-cables.

Like all Neutrik BNCs it offers a true 75 ? design and is perfectly suitable for HD applications. Suitable cables:
Belden 1520A, Belden 1521A, Belden 1522A, Belden 179DT, Draka 0.31/1.45 AF, Draka 753-1304(2), Draka 755-1302, Suhner G02233, ZNK CM14B
Crimp size:
Pin: 1.6 mm (square)
Shield: 4.06 mm (hex)

Features & Benefits
Ideal for recessed bulkheads where access to the "head" of the connector might be an issue. These connectors turn from the back and not the front.
True 75 ? design meets the stringent HD requirements
Perfect solution for Y-cables and extensions
Optimized assembly for mutlicore or tiny cables
Snug-fit center pin assembly provides tactile feedback
Excellent cable protection and retention
Precise machined brass parts for outstanding durability
Accessories include color coded boots in 10 standard colors, crimp tool and dies

NBTB75CFI4 from Neutrik is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

  • Impedance:75 ?
  • Impedance:75 ?
  • Contact resistance:? 2 m? (outer)
  • Dielectric strength:0.75 kVdc
  • Insulation resistance:> 5 G?
  • Rated voltage:<50 V

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