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MCU XT PRO 8 channel Control Surface Extension
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Mackie - MCU XT PRO 8 channel Control Surface Extension

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Item #: MCU XT PRO
Categories: Studio Mixers , Studio
Brand: Mackie
Price: AED 1,367.60
Discount: 70% OFF

The Mackie Control Extender Pro is a control surface extender that expands your Mackie Control Universal Pro unit with the addition of eight motorized, touch sensitive Alps faders, plus V-Pot rotary encoders and push-buttons on every channel strip.

The Mackie Control Extender Pro module attaches seamlessly to the Control Universal Pro unit, integrating with all the main control surface's functions and commands without the need for any external hardware. You can expand your MCU's ability to control your DAW even further with the addition of the Mackie Control Extender Pro.

Mackie Control Extender Pro Control Surface Extension Module at a Glance:

Smooth fader controlMulti-function knobs and buttons on each channel strip
Seamless integration with MCU Pro.Smooth fader control
The Mackie Control Extender Pro features the same 100mm touch-sensitive Alps motorized faders as the MCU Pro control surface.
These smooth faders give you the tactile, responsive feel of an analog console while accurately commanding your state-of-the-art DAW software.

Multi-function rotary encoders and buttons:

Each of the Mackie Control Extender Pro's eight channels features a multi-function V-Pot for fast and accurate control of panning, effects levels, and more. Also included on each channel strip are mute, solo, pan, send level, and record arm functions, as well as a full meter display.

Seamless integration with the MCU Pro

The Mackie Control Extender Pro is literally the "right hand man" of the Mackie Control Universal Pro control surface. Once connected, it's seamlessly integrated into the system, so all parameters, automation, and other control commands are communicated in concert with the rest of the system - no external hardware required!

MCU XT PRO 8 channel Control Surface Extension from Mackie is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

Faders8 x 100mm (Touch Sensitive, Motorized)
Number of Knobs8
Knob TypeRotary encoders
Number of Soft Keys32 dedicated soft keys

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