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Item #: MPA240
Categories: , Mixer Amplifier
Brand: Cloud

Cloud MPA Series mixing amplifiers are intended for single zone commercial audio installations such as airport lounges, restaurants and retail environments where music, announcement and paging are required. Two versions exist, differing only in the rated power of the amplifier stage. The 2U MPA120 120W/4 and MPA240 240W/4. Cloud MPA mixer-amplifiers offer 6 line and 4 microphone inputs which are mixed to a single zone output via configurable 25/70 or 100V internal transformer.

All six line level inputs are via unbalanced stereo RCA (phono) sockets. Gain control of each input is provided in order to balance input levels from different source devices, along with 'Music EQ' LF and HF pre-sets via 'tamper proof' screw terminals.

Selectable priority of line input 6 and release time (3s/6s/12s) can be set via internal jumper. This can be particularly useful and will facilitate system designs which include timed or contact (N/O and N/C) triggering of announcements and chimes from external media players.

Four balanced microphone inputs, each with gain control and selectable high pass filter are via Euroblock connector. Each has VOX priority over music signals, providing 30dB of attenuation. Mic 1 has access triggered priority over other mics, with integrated chime. Selectable 15V phantom power is available to all mic inputs.

A 'Music Mute' input is provided via Euroblock connector which may permit compliance with local Fire Authority regulations. Note: microphone inputs remain active when the Music Mute is applied.
Selection of the 'Music Source' line input is via front panel rotary knob along with master music level and independent mic level controls.

MPA240 from Cloud is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

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