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Item #: CDPMAI
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Brand: Cloud

CDPM paging microphones interconnect using the Cloud Paging Interface. This is a custom interface based on RJ45 connectors and CAT-5 cable. It is possible to create a paging system with a total cable length of 1km. The optional analogue interface allows the CDPM system to interface with industry standard, short-to-ground paging access systems making the CDPM compatible with the Z4II, Z8II, Matrix 4, CX263, CX163, 36/50, 46/50 and MPA-626. The microphones feature individual zone selection, multiple zone selection, preset zone group selection, TALK and CALL ALL buttons, pre-announcement chime, internal chime sounder, 'BUSY' LED, configurable two-layer announcement priority system, auto zone reset after announcement and zone disable. The different models of CDPM microphone accommodate 4, 8, 12 and 16 zones respectively. Sixteen is the maximum number of zones a single CDPM network is capable of paging. Up to 32 CDPM units may be used on one network. The different models of microphone can be mixed on a system so that there are models with differing numbers of zones. The display setting feature enables a CDPM to correspond to any consecutive group of zones on the system.

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