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PM4250 PowerMatch Amplifier
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Bose Professional - PM4250 PowerMatch Amplifier

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Item #: 361816-4110
Categories: Power Amplifiers , Amplifiers
Brand: Bose Professional

Bose Power Match PM4250 is a configurable professional amplifier concert quality sound adds to fixed systems for sound reinforcement. Thanks to decades of experience in developing robust Class D power amplifiers for the automotive industry and several patented technologies in the US delivers Bose with the PM4250 professional power amplifier a leading combination of efficiency, sound quality and reliability. sound concert quality:

Thanks to the Power Match is patented Bose technologies in the US amplifier optimize frequency response and at any output level minimizing distortion. So you benefit from optimal frequency response, low THD and widest possible dynamic range configurable.

Power Match amplifier is the only complete digital amplifier in the industry that can be configured as four single channels or two bridged channels or a combination thereof. Reliable and efficient: the design is based on advanced technologies in the energy sector and thermodynamic models, which not only ensure that the PM4250 amply meets the industry standards for reliability, but the product also create a market of the most energy efficient professional amplifiers.

Configurable as: 4x250W / 2ohms 4x250W / 4ohm 4x250W / 8ohm 2x500W / 4ohms 2x500W / 8ohm 2x500W /100V 1x1000W / 4ohms 1x1000W / 100V or a mix of the above capabilities.

Key Features Power Match Class-D Amplifier New patent-applied design combines Class D efficiency with a dual feedback loop That continuously monitors and controls both the current and voltage of the output devices. This combination biedt the Power Match amplifier with the highest-quality output power, audio performance, reliability, and efficiency. quad Bridge Output Mode Outputs can be configured as single, dual, or quad channel modes-which Allows 1 kW power to be Allocated between 2 to 4 channels These software-selectable configurations range from 4 channels at 250 watts, 2 channels at 500 watts, or mixed combinations.

PM4250 PowerMatch Amplifier from Bose Professional is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

  • Input Channels: 4 (balanced line level)
  • Output Channels: 1 to 4 (configurable)

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