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ESP 880 Engineered Sound Processor
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Bose Professional - ESP 880 Engineered Sound Processor

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Item #: 359868-4120
Categories: Digital Signal Porcessor , Network/Digital Matrix
Brand: Bose Professional

The Bose ControlSpace ESP-880 engineered sound processor is a single-rack-space DSP with an 8x8 analog audio configuration, built-in ESPLink output, and an open digital expansion slot ready to accommodate an optional Dante network audio card. This model meets todays strict requirements for high-quality signal processing and control in a cost-effective package. The ESP-880 is designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from small self-contained projects to larger networked applications. Product Information The ESP-880 accommodates a total of 56 audio channels through analog audio connections (8 input, 8 output), ESPLink (8 output), and when an optional Dante audio network card is used, an additional 32 channels (16 input, 16 output) are available for signal processing, routing and switching. Alternatively, a Network Control card is available for clean rear-panel control network connections. For standalone applications or convenient service access, a front panel Ethernet connector allows for local configuration and monitoring. Onboard connectivity includes Serial over Ethernet, RS-232, 5 control inputs and 5 control outputs. Any of the elegant Bose wall-mounted user interfaces Including the programmable CC-64 and CC-16 controllers and three simplified zone volume interfaces can be used to control all Bose networkable devices. Open architecture configuration and control is enabled using Bose ControlSpace Designer software where an ever-expanding list of algorithms and improvements offers a high level of functionality for audio installations. Bose single-rack-space ESPs are designed for a wide variety of applications ranging from small self-contained projects to larger networked applications.

ESP 880 Engineered Sound Processor from Bose Professional is 100% original and is available at NMK Electronics. Speak to our expert for booking a live demonstration. After sales customer service is an integral part of our business ethic and is taken very seriously.

Product Specifications

  • Dynamic Range : > 115 dB A-weighted 20 Hz 20 kHz, analog through
  • Input Channels : 8 analog (balanced, mic/line level), 16 digital (via option card)
  • Output Channels : 8 analog (balanced, line level), 8 ESPLink, 16 digital (via optional card))
  • PC Configuration Software : ControlSpace Designer software

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