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Microflex Ecosystem Advanced Training


  • Background & history
  • Basic mixing-desk channel-strip
  • Digital mixers
  • Audio processing units (Noise reduction, AGC, Gates, Compressors and Equalizers)
  • Output stage (Audio Matrix)
  • Briefing about DSPs (Digital Signal Processors)
  • AutoMixers
  • MXA910 to MXA920 Paradigm Shift
  • RT60 – Reverberation time and its effect on the sound


  • Thinking Analog (IT to Audio mindset conversion)
  • Understanding Audio processing
  • Using the right processing for the right function
  • Visualizing Audio spectrum (hands-on)
  • Ability to tune and calibrate an audio system for the required application (Voice-Lift Hands-on)

*Prerequisites for Attendance:*

To ensure the success of this advanced training and maximize its value for all participants, we kindly request that attendees meet the following prerequisites:

  1. Microflex Ecosystem Solutions – Technical Workshop (2 days) Certification: Participants must hold a valid Microflex Ecosystem Technical Workshop certification, demonstrating a solid understanding of the system's fundamentals and configuration principles.


Pre-training Courses (Mandatory in case the Attendee is not prior certified on the Microflex Ecosystem Technical Workshop - 2-day Instructor led session).

Please register and login to the Shure learning portal to find the mentioned courses https://sai.training.shure.com/

Join the workshop Group using the Group Key: MX-ECOSYSTEM-BP-PREP

Watch this short video on how to join a Group

Note: the following online courses are mandatory to be completed before you attend the workshop. Completing these would help in understanding the workshop/flow better.

Once you have joined the Group, you will automatically see the following courses within the SAI “courses in progress” section

  1. Designer 6 Technical Enablement (DESG-006o-01-en)
  2. MXW neXt 2 Technical Enablement (MXW-004o.01-en)
  3. MXA901 Conferencing Ceiling Array Technical Enablement (MXA9-004o.01-en)
  4. Networking for Shure DSP and Audio Interfaces - Standalone Exam (NET-003o.03-en-st)
  5. MXA902 Integrated Conferencing Ceiling Array Technical Enablement (MXA9-006o.01-en)
  6. MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone Technical Enablement (MXA9-005o.01-en)
  7. MXA710 Linear Array Technical Enablement - Exam (MXA7-003o.01-en-st)
  8. MXA310 Table Array Technical Enablement - Exam (MXA3-003o.01-en-st)
  9. MXA Network Mute Button Technical Enablement (MXAM-003o.05-en)
  10. IntelliMix Room - Technical Enablement Training (IMXR-003o.08-en)
  11. Voice Lift and Sound Reinforcement System Design (CON-004o.02-en)
  12. Networking for AV Professionals - Part 2 (NET-002o.02-en)
  13. IntelliMix P300 Technical Exam
  14. Download and install Designer 6


We request a copy of the completion certificates or completion on or before April 15, 2024, to confirm the seat.

2. Commissioning Team Membership: Participants should currently be part of the commissioning team, actively involved in the setup, configuration, and optimization of the Microflex Ecosystem for end-users.

Limited Availability:

Please note that due to the interactive nature of this training, seats are limited to ensure an optimal learning experience. We encourage

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