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L-ISA Technology & L-ISA Loudspeaker System

Course Fee: AED 1,750 *Lunch Included

Pre-requisite: System & Workflow training


In this course, the participant learns how the L-ISA technology redefines the relationship between production and reproduction in live sound projects and explores an unprecedented interaction between mixing and system engineering.

Learning objectives
Understand the L-ISA immersive approach and know the fundamentals in terms of system and mixing engineering
Manage objects, snapshots and reverb in the L-ISA Controller
Understand the key steps of an L-ISA system project from opportunity, pre-production planning, and guest engineer support

Day 1
Full system approach -3 hours
From left-right to immersive
Loudspeaker system design principles
Object-oriented mixing
Immersive algorithms

L-ISA Controller - 2 hours
L-ISA Controller introduction
L-ISA Controller tutorial
Objects’ audio channels creation & management

Project management - 2 hours
Pre-production workflow
Monitoring system
Setup adaptation
Visiting engineer support

Day 2
L-ISA Loudspeaker System
Design - 3.5 hours
From specifications to design
Scene & subwoofer
Extension & fills
Spatial fills
Surround & beyond

Implementation - 2 hours
Network & communication data
Loudspeakers in L-ISA controller
Loudspeakers in venue

Calibration - 1.5 hour
Good practices

Earned Benefits
Upon completion, the participant is granted with a Certificate and a 1-year account activation/extension on the online L-Acoustics Education platform.
In the platform, the membership to the L-ISA Technology group opens access to:
Always up-to-date L-ISA Technology material in the Learning center
Forum gathering all the L-ISA Technology certified learners and instructors

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