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Everything You Need to Know About Hyflex Classrooms

on January 19, 2022 | Marketing Team

What is HyFlex teaching?

The “HyFlex” or hybrid flexible course model combines elements of a hybrid learning course with a more flexible structure. This new instructional format gives students the option to attend class meetings in person, online, or a combination of both.

What are the benefits of HyFlex teaching?

Having a HyFlex enabled classroom offers a variety of benefits for students, staff, and schools. One benefit of this teaching model is that it allows for students to adhere to social distancing guidelines. With students having the option to choose their instruction model, there will be overall lower in-person attendance and schools can still maintain similar class sizes.

“HyFlex really opens up options for greater opportunity for learning and connection. We all know everyone learns differently; some need more personal attention, some like to work independently. By giving the option of being with the teacher, at home, or even having a teacher be able to be remote gives all of those opportunities”

– Joe Way, Director of Learning Environments at the University of Southern California.

HyFlex instruction gives students more control of their learning experience by giving them the freedom to select their instructional method so they can have more of a choice in how they are learning. It also expands opportunities to experience guest lecturers and speakers through the use of video conferencing. “With the pandemic, we know safety has to be the first priority. HyFlex allows students and faculty to return to normalcy at their own pace, and as they feel comfortable. At USC we’re also seeing creative ways of using hybrid teaching, for example by allowing guest lecturers to join the conversation, which before wouldn’t be as possible due to travel costs” says Way.

What do you need to get your classroom HyFlex ready?

An Intuitive Video Conferencing Platform

Of course, to conduct a HyFlex course you need reliable video conferencing software. Your hardware products should all be able to connect and perform flawlessly with these programs. It’s also important to look at a conferencing platform that has some integrations with your learning management software. When comparing platforms, you should look for a platform that will allow instructors to screen share, annotate, record, and whatever else an instructor may need to do during a HyFlex course so that those who are participating online can be engaged or watch the lecture later.

A Scalable Audio Solution

It’s crucial to have a solution that will be easy for instructors to learn and use that won’t disrupt the flow of the class. You not only need audio that’s reliable but scalable to fit in rooms of all shapes and sizes.

Shure Stem Ecosystem is made up of five networkable mix and matchable solutions (CeilingWallTableControl, and Hub) paired with a powerful software platform to back it up. Since all Stem Ecosystem devices are connected directly to your network via a single Ethernet cable so you can get your room up and running in no time all on your own. With Stem Ecosystem, you can create the perfect high-quality pickup in any classroom while still adhering to physical distancing guidelines. Just add more devices and scale your coverage as needed to make sure everyone is heard.

A Reliable Conferencing Camera

When choosing a camera for a HyFlex classroom it’s important to identify the requirements it needs to meet. For example, if you need to capture a certain field of view, if you’ll need pre-sets or zoom capabilities. Some higher education institutions use dual cameras with a larger field of view and zoom to capture the classroom from the back to show the front of the class and another to show the view of the students.

Add Extra Interaction

Another (optional) element to add to the classroom is an interactive board. Interactive boards are useful for increasing engagement for those who are in class and online students. Students who are participating online can see how the instructor or how other students break down problems or discuss material on the boards and the instructor can easily save the notes and share them with the class.

The use of video conferencing has opened up a lot of doors in education and all around the world, we have gotten used to the idea of virtual participation. It’s become clear that alternative educational experiences are here to stay and schools will need to prepare their classrooms with flexible solutions that will help provide a smooth transition for these alternative teaching methods to be effective.

Ready to Design Your HyFlex Classroom?

Designing a video-enabled HyFlex classroom has never been easier! With our RoomDesign tool you can virtually recreate your classroom, mix and match Stem Ecosystem devices, and even show the coverage ranges of your selected devices! Now, you’ll know exactly what audio devices you need to get your classroom ready.

Design My Room

Let’s Get In Touch

Have some questions about outfitting your HyFlex classrooms with the Shure Stem Ecosystem? Our customer service team is standing by to help answer any questions you may have! Contact Us

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